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Greasers Social Club is a club for people who live the rockin` lifestyle. There`s members all over the world who hold regular meetings,raise money for charities,promote anything rockin` and generally have a great time at gigs. Here is the link to find out more,join and buy GSC merchandise from the US.

Franky Boy`s Apparel has a Face Book page. Click the link and give us a "Like" and "share" !!

Misstiki Designs has a Face Book page with hundreds of other designs and examples of bespoke items sold to people from all over the world. Click the link and have a look,"Like" and "Share" !!

A very good friend of ours is Julia Portland or as everyone knows her, Jools. Jools hand makes some amazing jewellery and kitsch accessories under her brand name Shanty Tramp which are always limited edition. They are are extremely high quality,unique and very sort after designs. She currently sells her items from her personal page on Face Book. Here is a link where you can browse her for sale albums,add her as a friend or simply say Hi !!
Here at Franky Boy`s Apparel we are proud to support Greasers Social Club UK and their registered charity The Lullaby Trust. It is a very worthy cause,please click on this link to read more about it and donate if possible....every little helps !!
Nowadays there are many rockin` radio stations but we at Franky Boy`s Apparel highly recommend "We The Boys Will Rock Ya" radio show. All their shows are available on Mixcloud and are around 2 hrs long. We always put their shows on during long journeys and crank the volume up loud. The rockin` tunes are outstanding and the alcohol fueled banter is hilarious. Here`s their link to listen for yourselves !!
If you`re looking for amazing vintage style garden furniture that look like they`re straight out of the 50`s atomic era but don`t fancy importing them from the US ? Click on this link for amazing furniture and accessories you won`t believe....the sole supplier in the UK !!!
Need a photographer but want someone who can get that vintage look?.....You need someone who is actually rockin` !!! Phil is a gentleman photographer who specialises in vintage Art Deco, Hollywood and 'Noir' style photography, but also covers a very wide range of subjects - check out his web site!