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Bespoke Designs


Rockin` Accessories


 !!About Us 
Hello and welcome to our site.We are Rockabilly Greasers from the UK,Si and Elaine Miles.We are a husband and wife team who are passionate about and live the rockin` greaser lifestyle. We have always found it hard to find clothes that are both authentic looking and different without spending a lot of money or searching abroad for them. My wife prefers the original 40`s and 50`s style whereas I tend to prefer the more modern interpretation of the classic looks. My wife Elaine Miles AKA Misstiki Designs has built up a large worldwide following due to her handmade jewellery,hair flowers and handbags and will be selling some of her handmade items on here. We don`t intend to stock a huge variety just for the sake of it but will choose carefully brands that we ourselves wear and use plus some of our own designs with emphasis on quality at reasonable prices. We`ll start off small and grow as we are needed !!